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Planimetric Map, Topographic Map

The mission of Earthworx, LLC is to offer the highest quality services to clients in the most timely and cost effective manner possible. Accuracy and efficiency are best achieved by employing experienced and highly trained, motivated individuals. The staff at Earthworx exceeds this standard and is anxious to assist on any project ranging from smaller residential surveys to larger Civil Design and Engineering projects.

Earthworx, LLC, formerly Brackett Construction Services/Southern Surveying, began operations in 1986 and was founded primarily to assist in site preparations for construction projects. Earthworx has grown into a multi-faceted firm that employs a wide variety of geodetic disciplines. Specialties include architectural and

engineering design services

, civil site/storm water


, route design,

GIS development and facility management


survey grade GPS and GIS mapping


construction field surveys


construction field inspections


hydrographic and topographic survey and mapping services


high definition scanning (HDS)


wetlands delineation and mitigation design.

With over 140 combined years of experience in these disciplines, Earthworx is confident in the methods and decisions that are provided to each client.


With every precise and accurate planimetric, topographic, hydrographic, and geologic map, Earthworx will produce custom renderings for each client’s detailed specification. Making every project work together seamlessly with the collected data is the primary goal at Earthworx.

Earthworx, LLC has worked with many government entities such as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, City of Chattanooga, City of Collegedale, Hamilton County Government, and other jurisdictional authorities on a wide variety of projects.